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Julia Christensen: Upgrade Available

Julia Christensen: Upgrade Available
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder. Text by Julia Christensen, conversations with Ravi Agarwal, Cory Arcangel, Lori Emerson, Jessica Gambling, Rick Prelinger, Bobbye Tigerman, and Laura Welcher
Design by Filiep Tacq
Paperback, 7.75 x 9.5 inches
168 pages, 56 color illustrations
ISBN 9781733688925
US $29.95

This volume documents an ongoing investigation by artist Julia Christensen into how our relentless “upgrade culture”—the perceived notion that we need to constantly upgrade our electronics to remain relevant—fundamentally impacts our experience of time. In a personal narrative interspersed with related interdisciplinary artwork and conversations with experts from different fields (other artists, archivists, and academics), Christensen takes readers along a path from the international e-waste industry to institutional archives, eventually leading her to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). At JPL, Christensen began a dialogue with a group of exo-planetary scientists, engineers, and machine learning experts to develop long-lived space mission concepts that include an update of the Voyager spacecrafts’ 1977 “Golden Record,” to be embedded on a hypothetical future interstellar spacecraft. In taking on this challenge, Christensen—a female pioneer redefining the intersection of art, technology, and outer space—must envision an artwork for an evolving, autonomously upgrading spaceship headed toward a potentially habitable planet in another star system. Her years-long investigation into upgrade culture leads to design concepts that potentially transcend technological obsolescence altogether.

Moyra Davey: i confess

Moyra Davey: i confess
With text by Text by Moyra Davey, Dalie Giroux, Andrea Kunard
Copublished with the National Gallery of Canada
Design by Santiago da Silva
Paperback, 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches
168 pages, 90 color illustrations
ISBN 978-0-88884-996-0
US $29.95

Over the last forty years, Moyra Davey’s work in photography, film, and text presents a wide-ranging model of engagement with the world: reflections on producing and consuming, on writing and reading, and on novelty and obsolescence. Based on Davey’s eponymous 2019 film of the same title, i confess triangulates the lives and work of three writers: the American novelist and essayist James Baldwin, the Québécois revolutionary Pierre Vallières, and Ottawa-based political philosopher Dalie Giroux. With Baldwin’s 1962 novel Another Country as its point of departure, the narrative arrives at the work of each figure in succession, threading themes of race and poverty, language, and nationalism into Davey’s personal chronicle of the 1960s and 1970s&emdash;a turbulent period of Québécois history marked by separatism and violence, unresolved to this day.

Nick Mauss: Transmissions

Nick Mauss: Transmissions
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder. With texts by Nick Mauss, Joshua Lubin-Levy, Scott Rothkopf, Elisabeth Sussman, and Allie Tepper Design by Katy Nelson for Joseph Logan Design
Copublished with the Whitney Museum of American Art
Paperback, 11 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches
192 pages, 240 color illustrations
ISBN 9780300246841
US $35

This book extends into book form Nick Mauss’s highly acclaimed 2018 exhibition Transmissions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, which was heralded by the New York Times as “an installation, a collage of several art forms, a revisionist investigation of New York modernism and sexual expression, and an essay in queer theory. . . . The juxtapositions show that Transmissions is a work of creative imagination as much as revelation.” The richly illustrated volume includes never-before published reproductions of documents and artworks by Eugene Berman, Ilse Bing, Paul Cadmus, Maya Deren, Walker Evans, Peter Hujar, George Platt Lynes, Elie Nadelman, Isamu Noguchi, PaJaMa, Dorothea Tanning, Pavel Tchelitchew, Carl Van Vechten, and many more. Photographs by Paula Court and Ken Okiishi conjure the dance that was produced live daily for the exhibition’s duration, and an extensive conversation among the dancers brings rare insight into the process of making performance-based work. The essays consider subjects of ballet and the body, Mauss’s work as artist and exhibition maker, performance and historiography, and dance in museum spaces.

Jeanine Oleson: Conduct Matters

Jeanine Oleson: Conduct Matters
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder. With texts by Connie Butler, Jaleh Mansoor, and K-Sue Park
Design by Nicole Killian
Paperback, 6 x 9 inches
104 pages, 56 color illustrations
ISBN 9781733688901
US $22

Based on an exhibition project interdisciplinary artist Jeanine Oleson created 2017 at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, this book presents her ongoing sharply absurdist response to research on the ways copper is produced and used in 21st-century capitalism. Focusing on the confused entwinement of the human into contemporary material, as well as the relation with representation and art when these activities are now, more often than not, mediated through the digital&emdash;for which copper is an essential material component—Oleson explores issues of labor, the environment, craft and performance with humor, pathos and intellectual rigor.

Andrea Geyer: Dance in a Future with All Present

Andrea Geyer: Dance in a Future with All Present
Edited by Alhena Katsof, Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder. Text by Matthew Jeffrey Abrams, Andrianna Campbell, Juli Carson, Barbara Clausen, Lynne Cooke, Dean Daderko, Saisha Grayson, Sharon Hayes, Megan Heuer, Danielle A. Jackson, Alhena Katsof, Kristan Kennedy, Thomas J. Lax, Ralph Lemon, André Lepecki, Renate Lorenz, Josiah McElheny, Fred Moten, Kristin Poor, Yvonne Rainer, Gabriela Rangel, Jeannine Tang, and Soyoung Yoon
Design by Dante Carlos
Copublished with Portland Institute of Contemporary Art
ISBN 9780998632681
180 pages, 98 illustrations
US $29.95

This most substantive monograph yet published on the work of German-born, New York–based multimedia artist Andrea Geyer focuses on her recent explorations of the marginalized yet pivotal role that women have played in the formulation of American modernism, tracing and honoring the ephemeral acts, initiatives and stories that shaped it. Featuring full-color images of Geyer’s artworks and research materials, including documents, found photographs and previously unpublished photographs by the artist, Dance in a Future with All Present offers insight into Geyer’s art and the multiple histories of modernism.

We make the image in real time: a viewing log

We make the image in real time:
a viewing log

by Rhea Anastas
Pounds Per Image, no. 1
Edited by Shannon Ebner
Design by Chad Kloepfer
Copublished with Pratt Photography Imprint
32 pages, 19 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-7336889-1-8
US $10.00

“We make the image in real time: a viewing log,” Rhea Anastas’s ranging and intimate essay about experience and viewership, focusing on the art of Beverly Buchanan, Richard Maxwell, Cameron Rowland, and Dinah Young, is the first in the series PPI, edited by Shannon Ebner, and published annually by Pratt Photography Imprint and Dancing Foxes Press. In an age defined by the immaterial transmission and circulation of images, the Pounds Per Image (PPI) series makes research, scholarship, and practice the centerpiece of its gravity-bound mission. By commissioning artists, writers, curators, and other voices in the polyvocal field to produce original material about photography, PPI endeavors to make contributions to the discursive field beyond the walls of Pratt Institute. Six volumes, ranging in signature count from eight to thirty-two pages in response to each of the projects PPI supports, will be published over the course of six years, eventually bringing the page count to one full book.

Leidy Churchman: Crocodile

Leidy Churchman: Crocodile
Edited by Lauren Cornell, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schroeder. Text by Ruba Katrib, Alex Kitnick, and Arnisa Zeqo. Interview by Lauren Cornell.
Design by Tiffany Malakooti
Copublished with CCS Bard
144 pages, 95 illustrations
ISBN 9780998632698
US $35.00

Ranging from figurative representation to gestural abstraction, monumental landscape paintings to more intimate portraits, the oeuvre of American painter Leidy Churchman channels his artistic and literary influences, friendships, moods, surrounding landscapes and the visual iconography of divergent religions and philosophies. Crocodile highlights the artist’s investigations into consciousness in his renderings of anthropomorphic animals and psychological states; his appropriation of existing artworks and aesthetics; and his recasting of various signs and symbols. Churchman, who divides his time between New York and Maine, emerges here as a dynamic protagonist of contemporary American painting.

william cordova: spacial and ideological terrane (ankaylli)

william cordova: spacial and ideological terrane (ankaylli)
Edited by Kate Green, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schroeder. Text by Kate Green
Design by Leftloft
104 pages, 80 illustrations
ISBN 9780998632650
US $24.95

Taking william cordova's exhibition ankaylli: spatial and ideological terrain at Marfa Contemporary as a point of departure, this book highlights the way the artist (who was born in Lima and is based in Miami) layers referents and histories across cultures. Bringing together a constellation of cordova's artworks in a wide variety of medium—sculptures, collages, Polaroids, a video, objects around town, a free newspaper and a website—in which Pre-Columbian traditions, modern art and architecture, and spiritualism overlap, the exhibition stages these objects in the fitting home of Marfa, a town equally known for Native American history, minimalism and star-gazing.

The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery & American Fine Arts, Co.

The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery & American Fine Arts, Co.
Edited with text by Jeannine Tang, Lia Gangitano, and Ann Butler. Text by Johanna Burton, Jill Casid, Lauren Cornell, Diedrich Diederichsen, Jennifer King, Mason Leaver- Yap, and Kobena Mercer
Design by xSite
Copublished with CCS Bard
304 pages, 240 illustrations
ISBN 9780998632667
US $39.95

The Conditions of Being Art is the first book to examine the activities of groundbreaking contemporary art galleries Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co. (1983–2004), and the transnational milieu of artists, dealers and critics that surrounded them. Drawing on the archives of dealers Pat Hearn and Colin de Land—both, independently, legendary players on the New York art scene of the 1980s and '90s, and one of the great love stories of the art world—this publication illustrates their distinctive artistic practices, significant exhibitions and events, and daily business. Hearn and de Land's gallery practices explored new experimental and ethical possibilities within the selling of art, testing the relationship of contemporary art to its markets. In this volume, full-color images, in-depth scholarly investigations and detailed gallery histories vibrantly document how Hearn and de Land tested new notions of what an art gallery could be.

In Part: Writings by Julie Ault

In Part: Writings by Julie Ault
Edited by Julie Ault and Nicolas Linnert
Introduction by Lucy R. Lippard
Design by Filiep Tacq
Copublished with Galerie Buchholz
276 pages
ISBN 9780998632643
US $32.50

Spanning more than three decades, this book brings together a full spectrum of the artist, writer, and activist’s published texts through carefully selected extracts in a singular volume. Reprinted in sequence alongside a selection of full-length texts, this series of excerpts contours a chronology that relates Ault’s continuous artistic growth, longstanding political concerns, and dynamic interpersonal affinities. Beginning in the 1980s with texts written with her collaborators in Group Material, In Part highlights Ault’s shift from exhibition making in the mid-1990s to include publishing and writing. Ault’s dialogic practice, extends to the present day through her sustained engagements and relationships with such artists as Corita Kent, Félix González-Torres, Nancy Spero, and Martin Wong.

Paul Ramírez Jonas: Atlas, Plural, Monumental

Paul Ramírez Jonas: Atlas, Plural, Monumental
Edited by Dean Daderko, Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder
Texts by Claire Barliant, Dean Daderko, and Shannon Jackson
Design by Federico Perez Villoro and Olivia de Salve Villedieu
128 pages, 120 illustrations
Copublished with CAMH, Houston
ISBN 9780998632612
US $35.00

New York–based artist Paul Ramírez Jonas investigates how publics are constituted and convened through the exploration of public forms like the equestrian statue, the bronze plaque and the key to the city. Published to accompany the artist’s first survey exhibition in the Americas, Atlas, Plural, Monumental is the most comprehensive publication on the artist’s work to date, including sculptures, photographs, videos, drawings, public actions and participatory works made from 1991 to 2016.

Patty Chang: The Wandering Lake

Patty Chang: The Wandering Lake
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder
With an afterword by Hitomi Iwasaki
Design by Leftloft
124 pages, 90 illustrations
Copublished with the Queens Museum
ISBN 9780998632636
US $24.95

Integrating video, photography, sculpture, writing, and performance into one expansive body of work, Los Angeles-based Patty Chang examines the complex way stories develop through geography, history, cultural mythology, fiction and personal experience. Accompanying her project A Wandering Lake that was in part inspired by turn-of-the-century colonial explorer Sven Hedin’s book Wandering Lake (1938)—which tells the story of a migrating body of water in the Chinese desert—this artist’s book, combining Chang’s writings and travel photographs with historic and theoretical text excerpts as well as photographs of her sculptures and watercolors, is a personal, associative, narrative meditation on mourning, caregiving and landscape.

Amy Sillman: The ALL-OVER

Amy Sillman: The ALL-OVER
Edited by Karen Kelly, Fabian Schöneich, and Barbara Schroeder
Texts by Yve-Alain Bois and Manuela Ammer, interview by Fabian Schöneich
Design by Ronnie Fueglister
164 pages, 95 illustrations
Copublished with Portikus Frankfurt
ISBN 9780998632629
US $40.00

This book provides an overview of American artist Amy Sillman’s most recent bodies of work, including diagrams, drawings, animations, sculpture, and large-scale abstractions that combine painting with digital prints on canvas, shown serially in panoramic installations. Layering and dynamic movement pervades these works, whose concerns shift between the tragic-comic and the vexed histories and techniques of painting.

Moyra Davey: Les Goddesses/Hemlock Forest

Moyra Davey: Les Goddesses/
Hemlock Forest

Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder
Texts by Moyra Davey and an introduction by Aveek Sen
Design by Filiep Tacq
128 pages, 120 illustrations
Copublished with Bergen Kunsthall
ISBN 9780998632605
US $29.95

This latest book by New York–based artist Moyra Davey is based on two related projects, Les Goddesses (2011) and Hemlock Forest (2016), which each take form through text, photography, and film. Layering introspection and personal narratives with meditations on the lives and works of other writers, filmmakers, and artists—ranging from 18th-century feminist writer and activist Mary Wollstonecraft to Chantal Akerman, Karl Ove Knausgård, and Davey’s own five sisters—the artist explores such themes as compulsion, artistic production, family, and life and its passing.

Ulrike Müller: Always, Always, Others

Ulrike Müller: Always, Always, Others
Edited by Manuela Ammer, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schroeder
Texts by Manuela Ammer amd Rachel Haidu
Design by Federico Perez Villoro
96 pages, 50 illustrations
Copublished with mumok, Vienna
ISBN 9780985337780
US $24.95

New York–based artist Ulrike Müller uses abstraction as an idiom that can be figuratively appropriated, emotionally charged and politically connotative. In addition to exploring her art in varied mediums, this book features the artist’s readings of other artworks that relate to her interest in the vocabularies of abstraction and the rendering of bodies.

I want a president: Transcript of a Rally

I want a president: Transcript of a Rally
US $5 (All proceeds go to charity)

sold out

I want a president documents an afternoon of readings, speeches and performances on Nov. 6, 2016, on the High Line. Artists, poets, and performers reflected on political leadership and community action in relation to Zoe Leonard’s 1992 text I want a President. Contributions by Sharon Hayes, Zoe Leonard, Fred Moten & Stefano Harney, Wu Tsang, Morgan Bassichis, Mel Elberg, Malik Gaines, Alexandro Segade, Layli Long Soldier, Pamela Sneed, Eileen Myles, Justin Vivian Bond & Nath Ann Carrera.

Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba: The Color Out of Space
With essays by Victoria Brooks, Henriette Huldisch, and Gloria Sutton
Edited by Henriette Huldisch, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schroeder
Design by Filiep Tacq
96 pages, 44 illustrations
Copublished with MIT List Visual Arts Center and EMPAC
ISBN 978-09853377-97
US $24.95

The work of Rosa Barba (born 1972), encompassing sculpture, installation, text-based wall works, and publications, probes the precarious relationships between historical record, personal anecdote, and fictional narrative. The Color Out of Space takes as its point of departure a film that expands into outer space the artist’s ongoing interrogation of geologic time as measured against the span of a human lifetime.

Douglas Crimp

Douglas Crimp: Before Pictures
308 pages, 150 illustrations
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder
Design by Joseph Logan
Copublished with University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-226-42345-6
US $39

Douglas Crimp is best known for his work with the Pictures Generation—the very name of which Crimp coined to define the work of artists like Robert Longo and Cindy Sherman. But while his influence is widely recognized, we know little about Crimp’s own formative experiences before 1977, when he organized the exhibition Pictures. Before Pictures tells the story of Crimp’s life as a young gay man and art critic in New York City from the late 1960s through the turbulent 1970s. Crimp participated in all of what made the city so stimulating in that vibrant decade. The details of his professional and personal life are interwoven with the particularly rich history of New York City at that time, producing a vivid portrait of both the critic and his adopted city. Part autobiography and part cultural history, Before Pictures is a courageous account of an exceptional period in both Crimp’s life and the life of New York City. At the same time, it offers a deeply personal and engaging point of entry into important issues in contemporary art.

A special edition of the photo series Downtown (for Douglas), 2016, by Zoe Leonard is available. For more information contact mail@dfpress.org.

Ulrike Mueller

Ulrike Müller: Franza, Fever 103, and Quilts
With essays by Achim Hochdörfer, Christian Kravagna, Amy Sillman, and Aruna D’Souza
Edited by Achim Hochdörfer and Barbara Schröder
Design by Carl Williamson
104 pages, 102 color images
ISBN 978-0-9853377-0-4
US $30

Published in conjunction with Ulrike Müller’s contribution for the 12th International Cairo Biennale (2010), this book takes as its subjects the drawings, paintings, and quilts the artist has produced since 2006, from the Curiosity drawings, which mark the beginning of Müllers engagement with modernism’s visual strategies, to Franza, her latest group of enamel paintings developed for the Cairo Biennale. Transcending conventional binaries, such as the division of abstract forms and representational logic, these works charge seemingly neutral abstract and diagrammatic imagery with psychology and sexual politics. Shaped by her understandings of feminist art and institutional critique, they rekindle the avant-garde desire to tie aesthetic production to a tangible, concrete experience of life.

Leidy Churchman: Emergency

Leidy Churchman: Emergency
With essays by Manuela Ammer, John Kelsey, and Lanka Tattersall
Edited by Barbara Schröder
Design by Ginger Brooks Takahashi
64 pages, 50 color images
Copublished with Boston University Art Gallery
ISBN 978-1-881450-34-4
US $20

Focusing on videos, floor paintings, and works on canvas from the past four years (2010–13), this publication is the first monograph on the work of New York-based painter Leidy Churchman.

Herstory Inventory

Herstory Inventory
Edited by Ulrike Müller, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schröder
Design by Tiffany Malakooti
272 pages, 103 color and 42 b/w images
ISBN 978-0-9853377-1-1
US $45  

In 2007, Ulrike Müller found an inventory list describing a collection of feminist T-shirts at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Over the next few years, she selected and handed out descriptions to 100 artists, inviting them to retranslate the texts into drawings. The result, Herstory Inventory: 100 Feminist Drawings by 100 Artists (2009–2012), is a collaborative rethinking of feminist imagery that opens up a space for diverse expressions of political desire.

Moyra Davey

Moyra Davey: Burn the Diaries
With texts and photographs by Moyra Davey and Allison Strayer
Design by Filiep Tacq
Copublished with MuMOK, Vienna, and ICA, Philadelphia
ISBN 978-0-9853377-2-8
US $27

sold out

In the oeuvre of New York artist Moyra Davey (born 1958), literature and writing are as significant as photography, film, and video. In her latest text, Burn the Diaries, Davey considers the work of French playwright and political activist Jean Genet (1910–1986), among other texts, while examining fugitive moments from her own life. An essay by her childhood friend and reading companion Alison Strayer, written in response, reflects on Davey’s themes. The publication is part of a group of new works—that includes photographs, a film, and an installation of her signature mailers—and can be read both as an artist’s book and a catalogue to accompany the exhibition at mumok, Vienna, and the ICA in 2014.

Zoe Leonard

Zoe Leonard: Available Light
With contributions by Diedrich Diederichsen, Suzanne Hudson, Glenn Ligon, and Eileen Myles
Design by Joseph Logan
Copublished with Ridinghouse, London
ISBN 978-1-905464-86-9
US $40

In the two related bodies of work that form this volume’s centerpiece, Zoe Leonard poses fundamental questions about the medium of photography and the nature of sight. In a series of large-scale installations sited in the United States and Europe, the artist has employed the principal of the camera obscura, pairing it with silver-gelatin photographs of the sun. The image in Leonard’s room-size camera obscuras is immersive and continuous, shifting constantly in response to the fleeting light of the outside world and unraveling in the surrounding space to come into its full vibrancy. This title explores this body of work in depth through photographs that document these installations in five international cities.

A special edition of 50 with a signed and numbered digital print by Zoe Leonard is also available. For more information contact df.press.mail@gmail.com



Kara Walker

Kara Walker: Ruffneck Constructivists
With contributions by Kara Walker and Craig L. Wilkins
Design by A.K. Burns
96 pages, 120 color images
Copublished with ICA, Philadelphia
ISBN 978-0-88454-129-5
US $25

sold out

Ruffneck Constructivists, published to accompany a group exhibition curated by artist Kara Walker, brings together 11 international artists in order to define a contemporary manifesto of urban architecture and change. Inspired by both the Russian Constructivists and MC Lyte’s 1993 hit song “Ruffneck,” the phrase “Ruffneck Constructivists” evokes thuggishness as an expression of abjection. As Walker states, “Ruffneck Constructivists are defiant shapers of environments. Whatever their gender affiliation, Ruffnecks go hard when all around them they see weakness, softness, compromise, sermonizing, poverty, and lack; they don’t change the world through conscious actions, instead they build themselves into the world one assault at a time.” The book features sculpture, photography and video by the artists Dineo Seshee Bopape, Kendell Geers, Arthur Jafa, Jennie C. Jones, Kahlil Joseph, Deana Lawson, Rodney McMillian, Pope.L, Tim Portlock, Lior Shvil and Szymon Tomsia.

Fred Sandback

Fred Sandback: 10 Isometric Drawings
24 pages, 10 illustrations
First published by Lapp Princess Press, New York, 1977. Reprinted 2003. This facsimile edition is published by the Fred Sandback Archive, in association with Dancing Foxes Press, 2014.
ISBN 978-0-9853377-6-6
US $12

First published in 1977 in a uniform series of artist’s books, this publication diagrams a series of Sandback’s linear sculptures in the simplest terms. Art historian Edward Vazquez has described the drawings as “adamantly abstract—beginning with figures that outline L- and U-shapes, and then vertical lines, all rendered in white on a black ground, coursed through with the even thinner white lines of an isometric grid, a reversal owed to their status as reproduced Photostats of drawings on isometric paper. These drawings make no reference to architecture, and the space implied by the grid ends in a white border to each image.”

Fred Sandback

Fred Sandback: 16 Variations
2 books in slipcase; 36 pages, 16 illustrations each
First published by Erik A. Mosel publisher, Munich, 1973. This facsimile edition is published by the Fred Sandback Archive, in association with Dancing Foxes Press, 2014.
ISBN 978-0-9853377-7-3
US $36

These two artist’s books, long out of print, were published to accompany exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Bern and Galerie Heiner Friedrich, Munich, in 1973. The shows comprised sixteen iterations of a two-part sculpture; each book documents, in Sandback’s diagrammatic drawings, all parts of these changing exhibitions. The artist wrote: “There are sixteen aspects of the idea. Each echoes and recalls all the others. The piece is the core of a situation which is always changing. The core piece is always changing too.”

Anna Ostoya

Anna Ostoya
With texts by Ben Lerner, Tom Williams, and Anna Ostoya
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schröder
Design by Filiep Tacq
50 pages, 41 illustrations (24 color plates)
Copublished with La Kunsthalle Mulhouse
ISBN 978-0-9853377-5-9

This is the first monograph on the Polish-born, New York–based artist Anna Ostoya whose practice includes photography, collage, painting, sculpture, and writing. Her works span multiple aesthetic traditions, often drawing on the histories and strategies of the twentieth century avant-garde. Rejecting the commonplace opposition of aestheticism and antiart, Ostoya’s intricate compositions invite us to reflect on the historical and institutional contexts of artistic production.

Lynne Cooke: Selected Writings
Edited by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schröder
Design by Filiep Tacq
Copublished with Ridinghouse, London